Joey Fowler Joey (joey_is_ghey) wrote in misogynize,
Joey Fowler Joey

So last night my wife came home from the market and began reading out of some liberal-left pamphlet that someone gave her. She was going on about women's rights and that appearantly there was some ammendment passed way back in the 1920's or something that says I can't keep her in a cage anymore. Seriously, who the hell cares about some crummy old law anyways? If I want to keep my wife in my cage and take her out to give me oral sex or make me steak that is my God-given right, it says so in the Bible. She is my property and I can do with her whatever I please.

But anyhow, she starts talking about how she deserves rights and I can't keep her in a cage so I broke her jaw with a swift punch and then made her pleasure me and make me some meat. After pleasuring me for a second time I was so tired that I fell asleep on the ground. She called one of her friend's whose no good-husband lets her roam free in the house and she got the police. Now I have to face trials because appearantly, in this free society, doing what you please with your PROPERTY is wrong. I thought we lived in America, not Canada.

This goes to show how week and stupid women are, a man would read this left wing political pamphlet and recognize that it is bullshit. A weak-headed women reads it and thinks it is a good idea for them to have rights. Now, because of the liberal media, I am facing trial. I wonder if anyone in that courtroom has read the Bible, which states that I may beat my wife because she is the lesser gender.

What an age we live in! The real criminal is my wife for independently thinking.
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